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Grand Canyon, Poems by Chris Bullard

The capacious poems of Chris Bullard’s Grand Canyon are expansive in their concerns, yet minutely and exquisitely detailed in their precision.

Sample Poems by Chris Bullard

“Charles Olson famously said of modern poetry, “One perception must immediately lead to another perception.” The poems in Chris Bullard’s Grand Canyon do just that. And more. Bullard has an uncanny knack for perceiving the corporeal and the various ideas, associations and correspondences lying behind it. The world our senses bring to us blends with the malleable human conditions of being and knowing. His poem ‘Pines’ ends, ‘Getting lost is reason / enough to keep moving. / Start off now, before / you have no other place/to go.’ The poems is this collection go many surprising places, and we have Chris Bullard to thank for that.”—Thom Ward

“Christopher Bullard’s Grand Canyon is a masterful collection. His characteristic mix of high and low culture and deadpan humor is on display here, but imbued with a distinct tenderness. His poetry goes to unexpected places, always with an awareness of the depredations of time, and the rarity of what abides.”–Vasiliki Katsarou

“Many of these poems are beauties with the power to shock. Others contemplate moments in a graceful, learned, and modest voice. A few offer a playful and comic spin. From meditations on a lovingly over-attended orchid to thoughts of an aged Walt Whitman to poignant recollections of school days, the poems in Grand Canyon take us on a rich and scenic poetic journey.”—Lynn Levin

Chris Bullard's work has appeared in Pleiades, Nimrod, Atlanta Review and other literary journals. His previous collections include Back (CW Books) and You Must Not Know Too Much (Plan B Press).

ISBN: 978-1625491275, 92 pages

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