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2024 Titles


Landscapes Old and New
Allen Ireland

With Nothing But a Nod
Donald Wheelock

2023 Titles

Susan Oringel

After Forever Changes
Joseph Gastiger

Knowing that Most Things Break
David Leightty

True for the Moment
Ian Ganassi

J.R. Solonche

2022 Titles

Read My Lips
Charles K. Carter

Coming To
J.R. Solonche

A Woman Somehow Dead
Amy Locklin

Ice Lands
Caol Westberg

2021 Titles

Swimming the Eel: New Edition
Zara Raab

Grasp and Release
Cathy Hale

Dark and Light Verse
Allen Ireland

Imbibe the Air
Judith Alexander Brice

2020 Titles

Prisoners of Gravity
Joseph Gastiger

The Burning Where Breath Used to Be
Jen Karetnick

The Moon is the Capital of the World
J.R. Solonche

When Sunset Weeps: Homage to Emily Dickinson
George H. Northrup

Advice for a Young Poet
Norman Minnick

Night Chaser
Joshua Coben

2019 Titles

Arthur Ginsberg

Going Fast
Roberta Senechal de la Roche

Lee Robison

Under the Radar
Jane McGuffin

The Field
Rhina Espaillat

Michele Harris

The Song of Lies
James Scannell McCormick

2018 Titles

Winter Light
Roberta Senechal de la Roche

Almost Naked
Hadley Hury

Overhead from Longing
Judith Brice

Defying Gravity
Rosemary Winslow

Tap Dancing on the Razor's Edge
Paul Lubenkov

2017 Titles

Between Dog and Wolf
David Hathwell

Peter Karoff

Calling the Names
Mark Saba

An Ocean Large Enough
J.L. Cooper

Debris Field
Miriam Kotzin

2016 Titles

I Should Praise
Julian Miller

Harmonies Unheard
William Swarts

Chuckleberry Chutney
Floyd Hughes

David Hathwell

Foot Faults
Roger Sedarat

The Language of Little Girls
Kate Falvey

Personal Geography
Bill Glose

2015 Titles

Water Tiger
William Kelly

What You Know In Your Hands
Elizabeth Poliner

The Scheme of Things
Hilde Weisert

Tarzan in Kentucky
Judith Moffett

Grand Canyon
Chris Bullard

Terra Infirma
Carol Westberg

Through a Garden Gate
Charlotte Mandel and Vincent Covello

Open Season
Neva Herrington

Blood to Fruit
Tayve Neese

2014 Titles

The Latest Monument
Jay Paul

Ann Kolakowski

Beautiful Problems
Anthony DiMatteo

To See the Sound
Darius Degher

Larry Johnson

2013 Titles

The Anatomist
Arthur Ginsberg

Reneditions in a Palette
Judith Alexander Brice

Fracas & Asylum
Zara Raab

Life Work
Charlotte Mandel

Kim Bridgford

Duration and the Second Hand
Arthur Brown

The Body's Bride
Miriam Kotzin

Nostalgia for Sacrifice
Paul Bone

2012 Titles

History of the Body
Melanie McCabe

Breath Control
Maryann Corbett

Poison Sonnets
Joseph Heithaus

Rough Translation
John Talbot

2011 Titles

Hitchcock's Coffin
Kim Bridgford

The Moon from Every Window
Rob Griffith

Swimming the Eel
Zara Raab

Small Cathedrals
Naton Leslie

Kathleen O'Toole

2010 Titles

Kim Bridgford

Carol Westberg

Nymph, Dun, and Spinner
Dolores Hayden

The Most Beautiful Room in the World
Carolyn Raphael

two for a journey
Carol Frith

2009 Titles

Diminished Fifth
Jeffrey Bean

Larry Johnson

Out of Silence
Pamela Harrison

2008 Titles

The Mackerel at St. Ives
Arthur Brown

Counting Thunder
Robert Bernard Hass

Second Opinion
Leatha Kendrick

2007 Titles

Renewing the Vows
Peter Schmitt

2006 Titles

Zero Degrees at First Light
Christine Potter

Flume Ride
Midge Goldberg

Lost and Found
Gwen Hart

Heart Island
Stephen Cushman

The River of Forgetfulness
Rachel Hadas

Humor Me
Claudia Gary-Annis

2005 Titles

Okie Chronicles
Pamela Harrison

Skeptic Traveler
Susan Snively

Instead of Maps
Kim Bridgford

Too Much Explanation Can Ruin a Man
Robert Crawford

Past Providence
Bob Watts

2004 Titles

Paradise, winner of the 2003 David Robert Poetry Prize
Frederick Turner

American Yard
Dolores Hayden

The Shadow I Dress In, Winner of the 2003 Stanzas Prize
Rhina Espaillat

Pamela Harrison

The Well-Tempered Tantrum
John Talbot

Subject to Change
Marilyn Taylor

2003 Titles

Kim Bridgford