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Prisoners of Gravity, Poems by Joseph Gastiger

The urgent voices of this collection escape their prison, defy gravity, resonate.

Sample Poems by Joseph Gastiger

“‘It’s the hour when peacocks peck white corn / from those tin pans up up in the hills.…’ Sometimes, you don’t know why, you feel an affinity for a place you’ve never been to before. Memory, like a slant of light. Air your lungs welcome home. A previous life? Sometimes, when you explore this other, this thing you should not know but do, you unearth both it and self. In this series of persona poems, Gastiger’s character Cedronello Tardino gives us his Italy. His politics, his loves, his regrets, joys, wonders. We come to know him, and through him, a certain vision of historical Italy, its beauty and brutality. The vision by itself is fascinating. But in addition to Tardino’s world, the reader intuits that by looking away from self—as poets do when writing persona poems—Gastiger is at the same time giving away, though indirectly, his own heart. And isn’t that what true poetry does?’”—Susan Azar Porterfield

ISBN: 978-1625493637, 104 pages, softcover

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