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Nymph, Dun, and Spinner, Poems by Dolores Hayden

The elegant, fluid poems of Dolores Hayden's Nymph, Dun, and Spinner are alive with awareness of the natural world and the intersections between the perceiving mind and the world that the human mind orders.

Sample Poems by Dolores Hayden

"Dolores Hayden's precise gaze and chiselled language authoritatively convey her broad and deep knowledge. Whether the subject is fly fishing, ideal communities in the nineteenth century, or how (once upon a time) to fold the New York Times, Nymph, Dun, and Spinner is infused with restrained but piercing emotion, especially in the beautiful poems that invest objects with elegiac eloquence."--Rachel Hadas

"Nymph, Dun, and Spinner is an extraordinary book, the finest poems thus far from Dolores Hayden. Vast curiosity and knowledge of natural and urban worlds sparkle in these poems, the life of the mind bristling fiercely. These qualities are yoked with solemn, deep feeling.  The images here are so precisely observed that we are led to revelation in poem after poem.  Hayden explores knowing itself as well as the paradoxes of unlearning and then learning anew when life’s circumstances force us out of the familiar. We also understand in these poems how brightly the personal and historical past can burn in the present. The active intellectual quest of each of these poems is inseparable from their deep currents of emotion. This is a pristine and radiant book of poems, each line sharp, clear, beautiful, and wise."--Elizabeth Alexander

Dolores Hayden has received wide acclaim for her books on the history of urban and suburban landscapes, The Power of Place and A Field Guide to Sprawl. Her collection of poems, American Yard, appeared in 2004. Her work has been published in The Yale Review, Southwest Review, Slate, The American Scholar, The Best American Poetry 2009, and numerous other journals and anthologies. The recipient of awards from the Poetry Society of America and the New England Poetry Club, she is a professor of architecture and American studies at Yale University.

ISBN: 978-1936370061, 102 pages

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