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Chuckleberry Chutney, Poems by Skip Hughes

cover Chuckleberry Chutney explores these simple truths:

* Read poetry for the joy of it. Keep reading a poem only if you do enjoy it.

* Read poems that move you. Read them many times. Even memorize them. Read poetry to evoke feelings, to laugh and to cry, sometimes simultaneously.

* Read a poem aloud, to somebody else or just to yourself. Listen to the sound of the words. That sound is an essential aspect of every poem. Do not allow yourself to become less attentive by trying to read too much poetry at one occasion. Take it in small bites.

* Since before written language existed, these have been proper uses of poetry. Cherish poetry for its power to help us remember what’s important about life.

Sample Poems by Floyd E. Hughes

"Hughes, taking on poetry as if he invented it . . ."-Eugene A. Fisher

"Poet Skip Hughes loves to tinker with language. His poems not only play with words, but extend their meanings through delicious puns that linger in the mind. This is poetry to be savored, to be read again and again. There is tenderness here, and a marvelous journey into the acrobatics and flexibility of the English language. Skip puts the pun in in the word 'punch.' Indeed, and in word."-Jory Sherman

ISBN-13: 978-1625492104, 108 pages, $19

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