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Dark and Light Verse, Poems by Allen Lee Ireland

Dark and Light Verse is Allen Ireland's second collection of poems, aptly titled, since, in serious and not-so-serious verse, it captures the darkness and light both in the natural world and in the human spirit. The poet’s disillusionment is conveyed in various forms, but in nearly all of the poems the beauty of expression consoles, and art subsumes the anguish.

Sample Poems by Allen Ireland

"Ireland employs traditional techniques which give a restrained, refined stateliness to his lines that recalls Robert Frost. A brooding, ironic mood characterizes many pieces.... At their best, these poems offer atmospheric images that gain effect from Ireland's mastery of technique."-Kirkus Reviews

"This collection has a welcoming folkishness about it, sardonic phrasing, grit, gusto, and some really scary humor."-Fred Chappell

"The imagery in so many of these poems is fantastic. This book is a wonderful addition to the world of poetry, and a unique glimpse into a unique voice." -Tyler Knott Gregson

ISBN: 978-1625493750, 102 pages

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