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Sample Poems by J.R. Solonche

Coming To

is not the same as going to
which, because
it requires the first step,
is so much harder.
No, coming to is the easy part.
It means you're almost there.

The Snow Was So

The snow was so
completely deep,
so deeply complete,
the world so winsome
completely in white,
I thought it was making
itself a virgin again

My Neighbor

My neighbor has apple trees.
They are old.

I have never seen them with apples,
so they must be old for a long time.

He should cut them down.
Old dry apple wood makes warm fires.


On my walk today, I saw
new Private Property signs
posted on the trees. No man
should own woods. No matter
how dark they are, no matter
how deep they are, no matter
where they are, no man
should own woods, I say.