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Harmonies Unheard, Poems by William Swarts

coverWilliam Swarts writes about people, places and events that have had an image-provoking impact on him. He seeks to combine colorful language and verbal colors to portray that image. Although highly personal, he works hard to avoid obscurity so that each reader feels invited into the poem to share that experience as he did, or as it relates to their own lives. Either reaction from his readers means he has discharged his poetic responsibility.

Sample Poems by William Swarts

"Bill Swarts rewards us with poetry of an often delightful earthiness and much ironic humor. This compact book contains a wide range of verse. We are deeply moved by the poem about the death of his father and enchanted by his remembrance of Giverny and love, but he also gives a tickle in the ribs with poems like 'Bosom Laughter.' This is a book not to be missed." - Bradley R. Straham

"In this beautiful set of poems, William Swarts chooses just the right words and places them precisely to evoke memories and create new ones. A real gift." - Farley Snell

"William Swarts's poetry is how writing should be. His imagery is rich and diverse, but it's so exact and flows so naturally that it lives on its own without having to announce how good the poet is. He never comes between the reader and the writing. He doesn't have to. The poetry speaks for him." - Peter VanDenBeemt

"William Swarts writes poetry with deep and sincere simplicity. Each poem in this fine collection deftly inspires the reader to re-experience his or her own journeys, whether on foot, in thought or straight through to the heart." - Jill Sawyer

"What pleasures Harmonies Unheard provides! Presenting human experiences with the strength of a compassionate, yet probing, authorial voice, this collection of poems by William Swarts ought to appeal both to poetry lovers and to those who usually eschew lyricism. His verses resonate with rich images; his themes are humanly universal. Moreover, the poems are meticulously sculptured by a writer experienced with the tools of pure language and of a keen sense of poetics. I unequivocally recommend this collection." - Richard Sweterlitsch

"Moments from everyday life and memories surfacing from forgotten events are transformed in these poems, lyrical yet gritty in their observation. They vibrate with emotion that resonates throughout the collection, inviting the reader to connect on a personal level." - Marjorie Klein

ISBN 978-1625492081, 36 pages

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